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If you are concerned about the use of harsh pesticides in your home or work environment or for an infestation in a sensitive environment that requires a specialized solution, contact us for a personalized evaluation and proposal tailored to your specific needs.


ALL GREEN seeks to keep you and your environment, both inside and outside, free of health threatening pests using techniques and products that are also free of unhealthy toxins often found in many pest-eliminating solutions. 


Our methods are all 100% environmentally friendly.

Poisonous chemicals are not the only way to prevent, exclude or eliminate public health pests.

The fungi that grow in PIGEONS' nests, and guano can cause serious respiratory disorders. The accumulation of guano in your roof will encourage roaches and ants, not to mention cause  deterioration of the ceilings. There is a wide range of humane measures to deal with these pest birds. [read more about how we do it here]

An outbreak of FLEAS can be can be impossible for the untrained person to safely eliminate, usually resulting in a home that is both infested and contaminated with pesticide. There are safe nontoxic ways to reduce the nuisance of fleas.


BED BUGS will hitch a ride home on your luggage from an infested hotel room, after a vacation or business trip. Extremely resistant to commercial insecticides, there are a range of highly specialised (non-pesticide) treatments to eliminate infestations. [read more about how we do it here]

DUST MITES are microscopic creatures that feed on the discarded skin and hair that is continuously shed by both people and pets. Their droppings, a major allergen, can cause everything from itchy eyes and skin rashes to severe repertory problems. Specialised, periodic sanitising of mattresses and pillows using High Intensity UVC Light is an essential for all allergy sufferers. [read more about it here]


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