UVC Treatment

All Green IPM successfully utilises UV light in several of its Green Services, such as mould & mildew remediation, dust mite remediation and other sanitising work.

We apply High Intensity UVC Light to infested areas prior to the application of one of our green cleaner/sanitisers. This ensures the thorough destruction of all allergens/pathogen and the neutralisation of all odour causing organic compounds.

All Green IPM’s Mold & Mildew Remediation Service comprises of the following:-


1. Application of High Intensity UVC Light To all surfaces to destroy all micro-organisms at the cellular level.


2. Dry shampooing/vacuuming of the carpets with a natural product to extract and neutralize all pathogens/ allergens from deep within the nap.


3. The wipe down of all surfaces with a safe  fungicide/algaecide/sanitizer to clean the soiled areas.


4. The ULV fogging with a hospital grade anti-fungal sanitiser, that leaves the previously affected areas with a clean fresh scent.



Mould and mildew are only the symptoms of an underlying moisture or humidity problem. If this is not addressed and corrected, there will be recurrence of the mould/mildew.


All Green can also supply and install its external grade acrylic sealer to porous surfaces that may retain moisture and contribute to the re-growth of the mould & mildew.

Bed Bug Remediation

Mould & Mildew Remediation


All Green IPM’s Bed Bug Remediation Service comprises of the following:-


1. Detailed inspection of the room to locate all harbourages of the bugs and their eggs.


2. Application of High Intensity UVC Light To all the areas that the bugs and their eggs are found to initiate destruction at the cellular level.


3. The use of super heated (dry) steam or freezing with CO2 gas kills the bugs and eggs on the spot.


4. Application of a cedar oil product that provides residual control


5. The use of high-powered vacuums to remove the bugs and their eggs.




If the infestation is extensive, heat treatment to the entire room may be required.


Dust Mite Remediation

All Green IPM’s Dust Mite Remediation Service comprises of the following:-


1. Application of High Intensity UVC Light to mattresses, pillows, cushions, curtains, carpets and fabric upholstery, to destroy the mites at the cellular level.


2. A high powered vacuum with agitator brushes is then used for the deep removal of the pathogens/allergens.


3. The ULV fogging with a hydrogen peroxide sanitiser that leaves the previously affected areas with a clean fresh scent.



Dust mites are microscopic scavengers, feeding on the dead cells that are shed by people and pets. The dust mites’ droppings are a major allergen that can cause from mild to severe reactions depending on the individual. 


Heat Treatment

Thermal treatments are a highly effective and ecological alternative to fumigation of homes, apartments, offices, hospitals, or for smaller items such as furniture, pianos or books. In a five year, study conducted by the University of California, thermal treatments were the only non-chemical method to successfully treat entire structures. A heat treatment uses dry heat to kill insects, their larvae and eggs as well as mold, mildew, pathogens and allergens.


ETC Ltd. offers two types of heat treatments, the “PETIT CAREME” treatment for entire rooms and warehouse spaces and  the “SUN * SPOT” treatment for localised areas on cabinets, wood panels, doors, etc.


The area designated for the Petit Careme treatment is sealed with Radiant Barrier material to contain the heat. The ambient temperature is raised to between 65˚ to 70˚C and is held there for a required period, this ensures a minimum core temperature of 60˚C in the target items, destroying all adults, larvae and eggs, mold and mildew. Heat treatment can also be used effectively for bedbug eradication.


Temperatures and time will vary, depending on target pests and items being treated.


The Sun Spot system is for small, localized areas of infestation of dry wood termites, powder post beetle, fungal rot, etc., in furniture, cupboards and framing, where the treatment of the entire room is not required.


The advantages of heat treatments over conventional fumigations are:-

    1. No odor

    2. Non toxic

    3. No need to vacate the premises for 2 – 7 days

    4. No bagging of food required

    5. No danger to flora or fauna in close proximity


Bird Deterrent Wax

Birds, have to always keep their feathers well preened for flight and so do not like contact with sticky or gummy substances. Because their feet and beaks are their grooming tools, when they land on Tacky-Toes Deterrent Wax, which is comparable in consistency to very soft chewing gum, it distresses the birds to such a degree as to drive them off.


Tacky-Toes is an efficient, esthetically pleasing and cost effective form of bird control. Compared to the popular bird spikes, it is low visibility (less obtrusive) and costs as much as 40% less per linear foot and presents no danger (from detached & falling spikes). 

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